EndeavourOS on smartphones?

I’m looking into installing a more secure Linux distribution on my OnePlus 6T. I’m hoping to find a distro with sandboxing capacity so that I can still run some Google and Whatsapp services without opening the door to my contacts.

Is EndeavourOS planning a mobile version? That would be beyond fantastic.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for that if I was you. :wink:
Considering the amount of work and the complexity of making it work on the most common telephone chips out there, I think the possibility of us releasing that is very small.

But who knows what the future brings? I would’ve laughed in your face if you asked me four years ago to start running an entire distro. And look at us now…


New projects start when someone takes up a challenge/idea and tries to bring it to life.

You guys took on a challenge and brought it into life. :rocketa_purple:

Linux on phones needs a lot of work and it needs a group of people passionate about it to bring it to life. These people need to have knowledge to work on arm stuff too (because all these phones have arm processors)

I know. I saw someone installed Arch on their smartphones and wondered how doable it would be for EndeavourOS to do that. In the meantime, I’m leaning toward Graphene. It’s difficult finding a mobile platform that has sandboxing.

Manjaro runs on Pinephone/Pinephone Pro. Actually it ships with those devices. It uses Phosh.

Also look at postmarketos


Nice, I didn’t know. I used to use Manjaro before coming here.

I also discovered Shelter which lets you sandbag apps. I’m giving it a try.

No, that’s step 2. Step 1 is being sufficiently pissed off by the current situation :rofl:


What do you think Bryan & co were pissed at?

I would guess at the fact their favourite Linux distro kicked the bucket.

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For the OnePlus 6T you also can look at Ubuntu Touch (UBports devices) but Waydroid seems like not to work on it.

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Thanks, but I would rather not go the Ubuntu way. I think Graphene will be fine with its sandbox system. Cheers