EndeavourOS on Matrix


First of all, I know that this has been brought up before and look like it did not start well.
So I want to suggest another approach:

Today, mozilla started to federate with other Matrix-homeservers and also opened up for registration on their homeserver - you can login with your existing Firefox account (nice right?)
So I suggest, that EndeavoursOS creates a room over at chat[.]mozilla[.]org instead of using matrix[.]org’s server.

After that room is done, we could quite easily bridge the room to the existing telegram chat - I suggest that we use the FENEAS bridge described here because it has been very stable since it launched in september + it is easy to get in touch with them if something would not work as it should. I also think that they would gladly help EndeavourOS too :slight_smile:

And sorry for the weird links, new users are only allowed to post max two links in a post.


Welcome @selea
Thank you very much for your approach!

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thank for your concern, :slight_smile:

there is already a community channel sort off…thats reason Endeavouros keep it small and keep it on Telegram.

but at the end you have a lot of channels also dont want to discourage, but try to see what we getting on, on one point.

Social Media wise … you have more then 100 channels also is basicly maintain few channels. currently is another matrix channel linked with another channel (irc).