EndeaVourOS on a damned '( to) slow machine how to fix it?

if database still locked … answer is in your screenshot.

  • why use “sudo” on root ?

with a fresh boot

@Shjim - i had no overview at this time srry

How to add more swap?! - i guess that i do this on commandline

this help on swap


i guess - that this is for me:

**Further for all file systems:

Use dd to create a swap file the size of your choosing. For example, creating a 512 MiB swap file (for all filesystems)

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=512 status=progress

Replace count=512 with the amount of MB you want to install for swap use. then:

sudo chmod 600 /swapfile

To give the swap file root-only permissions.

sudo mkswap /swapfile

To make the file as swap space and finally to enable the file:

sudo swapon /swapfile

Edit the fstab configuration to add an entry for the swap file:


/swapfile none swap defaults 0 0

Note: The swap file must be specified by its location on the file system, not by its UUID or LABEL.

to check: - should i run these commands… -. and do it like this.

swapon --show

i will do this later today - and will report all

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This looks very much like Xfce :wink:

Or did I miss something?

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Xfce was so nicely themed in eos that users mistake it for KDE plasma. Not indexing issue then :grin:


as its older and a bit of a struggle, why not go the whole way and install LXQT de instead? Light as a feather and visually very nice and slick. Just an idea to throw in the mix…

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Swap file solves part of your problem.

The Asus A54L specs say it has 2 ram slots (4Gb soldered). You could easily pick up a 4GB or 8GB 2Rx8 DDR3 PC3L-12800 204pin CL=11 DDR3-1600 1.35V SODIMM. I picked up a piece of 4Gb for 20 € and trust me, when I say you don’t get any good deals where I live, so depending on your country and access to markets, it would proabably be worth your while.

Since you love :enos: so much, it may be worth upgrading the memory and keeping EnOS on an older computer, since it does not really need a high spec machine. I also think KDE may be a bit much for your computer, so I would look at some other DE’s.

I wish you well :smile:

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Personally i don’t think giving it more memory is going to help. The processor is too slow. It’s an i3 likely a dual core. Having that many tabs open on a browser is not something i would ever do. Every tab you open uses more and more resources. I have 32 GB memory on a more powerful system and it’s just something i would never do. It looks like xfce to me also.


As said before, you are asking too much from your machine with those specs and age, no matter which DE or WM you run.

Running a browser with 32 tabs open on that machine is like trying to pull a caravan or camper trailer with a Smart. (the two-seater car)

Just lower your expectations for that machine and you can have a lot of fun with it.

EDIT: Plasma isn’t a heavyweight DE anymore, in some cases it is even lighter than Xfce. :wink:

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Vivaldi and Edge are both based on Chromium, which consumes significantly more RAM than Fox.

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That’s scandalous! Good to know that I was on the right path all along :grin:

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Yes, the Asus A54L is dual core.


32 open tabs in Vivaldi is asking a lot. Still Bryan, I have a similar spec and age laptop to @otrott to which I just added a piece of 4Gb, and it runs as fast as I will ever want for the tasks it is used for.

I totally agree. If I was going to run Davinci Resolve, then this would not be the computer to do it with :wink:


hello you all
mille gracie for all your tipps and consideations - they are great. Well to be frank.
as mentioned above - this was only a testinstallation. And it was the very first time i have installes EndeavourOS. And the user-exprerience with this OS is great - and i am happy to be part of this great community -

i think this is a very big thing - and plz consider this not as a minor aspect. The community here - is so helpful, supportive and great. I like this very much.

so i will install the OS on another Laptop with a bit more power.
and yes: many thanks also for the hints regarding the Vivaldi browser…

BTW: i have some notebooks where i want to install the OS too:
Lenovo G 780 with I5
Lenovo Thinkpad 510 with I5

do you think that i should do this.?!

have a great day -. many greetings
yours Otrott :wink:

We are happy to have you.

That is what drew me to :enos: and I am staying docked in this port. I lurked on the forum for over a week after getting a not so great reception form another unnamed distro.

I am a Vivaldi afficionado, the music and the browser. AMA :grin:

You will be fine on those laptops. Enjoy!