EndeavourOS new installer LUKS support

Questions with the upcoming new installer, I wanted to know you guys claim that you can use LUKS encryption with the calamares installer, however I thought the current installer supports LUKS encryption with the calamares installer as I have used it?

The current ISO only support luks on one partition i think. So i guess if you installed with only a root partition it would be fine. That is my understanding although i may be wrong as sometimes i am…well a lot of times i can be wrong. :rofl: Hopefully the new ISO will support full Luks encryption. :wink:

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Ah I see, so I guess you guys patched up the bug in the next ISO release then?

All good it happes :slight_smile:

Does that mean that it can support one LUKS encrypted partition and inside the partition you can fit two sub partitions (if that makes sense) such as the / and /home partitions (something that ArchLabs currently supports with their architect installer)?

I am not familiar with how Archlabs has it setup as they were using an install script. I haven’t installed Archlabs in a while but i do like their setup. I’ve always been a fan of the Cinnamon desktop so i have had it installed a number of times but not with the encryption. My first start to Arch was with Antergos and Manjaro. When Antergos went down i started installing Arch and ended up with EndeavourOS and have been here ever since. I still try other distro’s and installer scripts for comparisons. I have tried most of the top 100 distrowatch list but now i only really care about Arch based distro’s for the most part. It’s not that i don’t like some of the others because i do. I just like everything about Arch and rolling release. I’m not an lts kernel user. I would rather be at the latest kernel and software that is out there. I’m not going to say anything about the next ISO as i’m not in control of that but i think it will be resolved.

With their old installer, I thought it only installed OpenBox?

Just curious do you develop EndeavourOS by any chance?

Same over here, I don’t even like apt package manager and I do love rolling release.

Thanks for letting me know.

I’m part of the ArchLabs team and I too have no idea how it is setup. :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to be picky, our installer is written from scratch. It’s not an Architect installer, just inspired from it.

Regarding LUKS and how we set it up, if you are interested feel free to ask the question at the AL forum and Nate (the real brains of AL) will happily answer.

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Oh, it seems so similar to the Manjaro Architect installer.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Yeah it is similar, but personally I like the AL installer a lot more (Yeah I am a little biased).

The more the merrier. That’s why I post here too.

Yeah I have to admit, the Manjaro installer doesn’t look as nice.


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I like the Archlabs installer


Originally when i first started using Arch labs it was openbox but now it has other desktops so i usually go for Cinnamon but now i would probably do KDE Plasma as that is what i’m using right now.

I’m not doing development work, testing mostly, installing, hardware, building some ISO sometime for myself. Finding issues or bugs and just advising on some things from my perspective.

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Yeah ArchLabs has changed so much over the years. The essence is there, especially in the Openbox session. I like what we have become.

I haven’t done much in using tiling managers. I3 is about the only one i have used but i only just tried what was already set up here.

Cinnamon is a little heavier than KDE.

Ah I see.

I didn’t have much experience with tilers either but a couple years back I went on holiday overseas and took my laptop that AL bspwm installed on it. Haven’t used anything but a twm since. Started with bspwm, then i3 for a couple of years. I have moved to dwm now.

Have you tried awesome WM by any chance?

What is dwm?

Another Window Manager I believe?

My friend, you are in for a treat.


dwm, Dynamic Window Manager.


Just wondering have you ever used other Window managers such as awesomeWM since you seemed to have tried others?