Just updated to endeavouros-mirrorlist-4.8-1 and noticed that a endeavouros-mirrorlist.pacnew has been generated although the hook ran automatically using the old file endeavouros-mirrorlist.

Shouldn’t the hook replace endeavouros-mirrorlist with the newer file before?


Pacnew files just tell you what is new in the default config. They don’t affect anything. Typically, the user is expected to implement the changes to the original config file.

When it comes to mirrorlists, you can typically ignore pacnew files and just regenerate your mirrorlists if the mirrors stop working or you notice the download speed being slow when you update.


Hm, I thought that a Pacdiff should be done before, I mean, for all mirrors including the newer ones to get tested during the process, but if that is not the case, its okay then, thanks.

Well, consider this scenario:

I spend a lot of time in manually configuring some program. A new version of the program changes some default option. Do I want the update process to overwrite my carefully written config file with the default pacnew? Of course not, I’d be quite upset if that happened. Instead, I look at the default pacnew and if I see some feature added, I manually add it to my carefully composed config file.

By the way, you don’t need to use pacdiff if you don’t want to, I never use it. I manage my pacnew files manually, with a text editor.

When it comes to mirrorlists, however, they are always sufficiently different than default mirrorlists (especially if they have been generated by some tool like rate-mirrors or reflector), so comparing pacnew with the current config makes little sense. You can just ignore these pacnew files.


eos-rankmirrors pulls the source mirrorlist to rank from the package in the cache or directly from github. Even if your mirrorlist is missing mirrors they should be added.

rate-mirrors pulls the mirrorlist from github.

No matter which you use, your local mirrorlist should not be a limiting factor.


Thanks @Kresimir and @dalto, its pretty clear to me now how it works

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