EndeavourOS manjaro like bootsplash support

Hello guys! I’ve recently been playing around with Manjaro style bootsplash themes and I was wondering how to get bootsplash themes working on endeavouros. With Manjaro, a bootsplash is placed at /usr/lib/firmware/bootsplash-themes/yourtheme and a initcpio hook is placed at /usr/lib/initcpio/install bootsplashes are compiled using the bootsplash-packer tool. You also must append a bootsplash.bootfile=/bootsplash-themes/yourtheme to the kernel commandline. I tried this with endeavour and it didn’t work. Any ideas on what I might be missing?

Example bootsplash

Is bootsplash still a thing? I thought it was dropped by Fedora in favour of Plymouth (again)?

I was under the impression that plymouth was outdated. I know Ubuntu still uses plymouth

Yup, I think it was, then it wasn’t. :sweat_smile: [citation needed]

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So how difficult is plymouth to set up? Why did arch drop it from repositories? Do you expect them to pick it back up?

I haven’t looked at it for a while, but it’s in the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Plymouth

(unlike “bootsplash” :sweat_smile:)

Bootsplash seems to be very manjaro specific. So I assume its included in their kernel patches. The funny thing is it’s not even enabled by default so maybe I should just use plymouth.

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I believe arch kernel is also enabled bootdplash only the grub is another story. Manjaro runs currently same grub as fedora. Grub-quiet that makes different also further how it translate etc i dont know but with grub quiet they can load te system own bootscreen in boot but for animation idk…

As far as I know, arch has enabled a persistent vendor logo.

Not te sam3? Neeeedz different grub as manjaro use also different grub :sweat_smile:

If you look at a Manjaro kernel PKGBUILD, there are about 13 bootsplash patches. So, you might also need some patches and perhaps some .config settings for a custom kernel. FWIW, the patches seem to be from the Arch maintainers, though how pure they are is a good question.

Those are probably what I’m missing… I think I’ll check out Plymouth as you can actually preview themes BEFORE you reboot!

plythmouth had to update for each systemd version and tested , in some case we have errors from systemd with plymouth

Depene how quick your pc with booting, vender logo is for m3 enough. Hardly see it lol

Plymouth is part of




You mean: N3333dz diff3r3nt grub as manjaro use also diff3r3nt grub? :rofl:

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