EndeavourOS / Manjaro Comparison

Of course - natural environment for amphibious creatures :slight_smile:

That what I mean with consistent theming.


Manjaro’s point of difference used to be lts kernels and lts nvidia drivers. Not anymore.

Manjaro dropped all lts nvidia drivers, without proper notice, leaving users to flounder for themselves with AUR packages or nouveau.

Arch users have now @jonathon’s kernel-lts repo (thank you) with lts kernels and lts nvidia proprietary drivers, which is an improvement on what Manjaro offers.

Minor issues with simple workarounds were often auto incorporated, or a delay allowed an upstream fix to arrive. I cannot recall any serious issues that were avoided this way, although it was convenient for less technical users.

Lack of testing, arbitrary branch snaps without rhyme or reason, delayed branch snaps for dubious reasons that often meant many hundreds of packages in a single update, amateur hour mistakes inhouse building development git versions of crucial packages like systemd & grub, being told to change your system date … list goes on … and on.

I lost count of how many users’ systems fundamentally broke in this type of scenario, they just re-installed in frustration, too much changed at once to diagnose.

This was the unfortunate answer for many, especially on the stable branch. Trying to provide support on huge stable branch update threads as people are freaking out over their broken system was actually stressful.

And that doesn’t count the AUR issues with Arch package version mismatches, which is a fundamenal flaw that can’t be fixed.