EndeavourOS & LTS 5.10.20-1

  1. The question I have is when doing the online install is there a way to use/install the LTS 5.10.20-1

2.During install under Base-devel + Common packages can i unselect os prober, nvidia-installer-dkms(AMD Radeon here), intel-ucode(AMD here).

I’m going to re-install Endeavour Plasma after having installed Arch Plasma via Archfi.

Thanks! :+1:t3:

The fist thing that comes to mind is to perform the installation as normal, don’t reboot, chroot into the new installation, and install the LTS kernel manually.

I think pacstrap would also work, and pacman can also use a different root (so you don’t need to chroot, but it’s a slightly different process to the normal pacman -S linux-lts).

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Wonder IF it would be a big job to add the option of the LTS kernel to Calamares installer?

I don’t think so - it should be possible to add as an online install option (like the options for the DEs etc.). I’m supposing that most people who want the option would go the “advanced” route, given the standard image boots for them anyway.

Although, I’m not quite sure why it needs to be an option. If the installer image boots then you can install it after installation. :man_shrugging:

Also, I don’t maintain the EnOS installer, so. :grin:

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There was someone recently on this forum who went from Arch Linux install and pulled in all the files to make it EndeavourOS, not sure what DE & who that was. Maybe that’s a better route for me? :thinking:

Don’t know whether it is a viable choice for you (or “better”) - but it is certainly doable. It doesn’t make any difference what DE you choose. The only difference in EndeavourOS is that XFCE will be usefully themed if in an off-line install, and can be usefully themed if done online (use Welcome app button).

SAnother possibility is to use an older ISO of EnOS, install LTS as required, and resist mainline updates if necessary :grin:


Can’t you add into that packages.txt file in the new ISO? GRUB will boot from the latest kernel so then you’ll just have to remove the mainline kernel after?

Yea this is what I was thinking. :thinking:

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