EndeavourOS Live Medium issues

I’m a brand new user of EndeavourOS and so far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I currently have one issue, however. Every time I restart my PC and go back into Endeavour, all downloads are reset. It’s as if it were a fresh install. It is important to mention that I am currently running the OS off of a USB drive and I do not have it installed onto my main drive. Is there a way to make it so that things do not reset whenever my PC restarts?

It’s not an issue, that exactly how it’s supposed to work.

What you’re looking to do is create a persistent installation onto a USB, and I’m going to tap out there because I have no idea how to do such a thing.

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Short answer: install it to a disk.


It’s not an Endeavour issue but would be the same with all Linux OSes. When you’re starting EOS it loads into your RAM and since RAM is a fleeting memory of course all changes and downloads will go p00f the very moment you power your system off.

In this state you’re supposed to check your computer for compatibility with the OS, not to really work in the system. Does your machine boot up? Can you establish internet connectivity? Such things, you know.

Your goal should be to either install or toss Endeavour after testing it.

It should be possible to install to another USB, and use that to boot to, you just have to have the BIOS booting set to pick that USB up.

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If it isn’t being installed on your system for what ever reason you have decided then the best solution is to install it to an external USB hard drive. SSD drives are cheap and it doesn’t need to be large so a 128 GB is fine and get an external USB drive case. When you install it on one of these it works as if it’s installed on the system. It is far superior to using a usb jump drive. There is no comparison in speed and function. I keep os-prober uninstalled on it so it doesn’t copy anything to it’s boot files from the host system.

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Maybe Ventoy is what you are looking for?

yay ventoy-bin

More info: https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html

Oh, sorry, I completely forgot to update this thread! I ended up just downloading the live install to another USB drive and then using that to install endeavourOS to this one. Thanks for the help anyways!

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If that solves this for you, please mark that as the solution.

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