EndeavourOS just saved me from venturing Linux in my new laptop

Hi everyone, newbie on the forum here.

I bought a Chuwi HeroBook Air a week ago. The price was worth it, considering I’m only using it for school (we’re starting to use presentations stuff now). The last time I had the experience of using a laptop was 2 years ago and it had Windows installed on it.

I discovered Linux when i was searching on ways to utilize an Android application called “Termux”. I also couldn’t change the OS on that laptop into Linux because my knowledge back then wasn’t as better as now (and the laptop was also my dad’s work laptop), so i kept dreaming about that day when I finally get to buy one. And it came.

It had Windows preinstalled on it, which in my opinion— not bad at all, but considering the disk size of… 128GB (buying laptops with larger storage… in ssd comes with a price, and i only had limited budget), i considered on installing Linux.

My first try on it was Kubuntu, and shortly enough I had issues with audio. I don’t have an experience when it comes to fixing issues on Linux, but i tried my best for a solution.

Within the following few days, i tried regular Ubuntu, then moved to Devuan, but still, a failure in trying to find fixes for my problems.
And I went back to Windows…

A day later, i downloaded EndeavourOS. My first install on it wasn’t as impressive because i had issues with the audio (which I’ve later known that I was on offline install)

So I tried it again and… I’m shocked! The audio works out of the box without me doing anything to any system files!

I’m currently rocking with a Gnome install on a laptop, and it’s a smooth experience! Before Gnome though I tried KDE Plasma first. It’s smooth, but I want the configuration to not overwhelm me as much, so i switched to Gnome instead.

I’m glad that this project exists, specially it’s installer, as it helped me revitalize my enjoyment in Linux again.

Thank you, EndeavourOS devs!


Welcome to the purple side! :purple_heart:


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum @genfiz

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The OS rocks, so does the community.
Enjoy the endeavour.


Welcome to the dark side @genfiz

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Welcome to the forum @genfiz :enos_flag: :enos:

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Welcome to :enos:-Forum @genfiz

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Hey good to have you with us, hope you find the right tools for the right job, whatever you’re doing, use what works for you. :slight_smile:

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Hello! :wave:
Is that a great way to enjoy a Saturday !
Indeed sound is a major part that makes our computers give us the joy of wonderful music :headphones:
Keep up the good news :smiley:


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Hello and welcome to EOS! I think you will be satisfied and learn much.

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Welcome aboard this wonderful ship! I myself don’t look at the forum too often lately, but of one thing I can be sure. We will not crash! :slight_smile:



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Welcome to your Endeavour :enos_flag: