EndeavourOS is Number 27!

I went onto DistroWatch today (January 25,2020) and I see that EndeavourOS has passed Lubuntu and is now in 27th place!

In my opinion that is positively amazing, especially considering that the system is only 6 months old!

You guys (the developers) are doing a positively great job and I hope that you know how much users like me appreciate your obviously hard work.




Not that DistroWatch rankings really matter (they do not show number of installations or amount of usage), however they are useful in bringing distributions to the attention of people.

As of today (February 3, 2020), EndeavourOS is number 25!

As I stated previously, this is truly amazing given that this system is relatively new and does not come “pre-made” with lots of “pre-installed” programs (you basically have to install what you want yourself).

Developers, THANK YOU AGAIN! You should be very proud of your accomplishments.



Under 20 in 2020 as i said from the beginning. I have no doubts! Mission critical has been accomplished … we are in orbit! :rocket:

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