EndeavourOS - Gnome 40.3 - log journalctl -p 3 Day 12 to 22/07/2021

Hello EndeavorOS Team

I recently installed this version of EndeavouOS flavor Gnome 40.3 being updated on this date and, at the moment, after updating I detected this log below with some “errors” and inconsistencies that I am exposing so that it can be checked and corrected if necessary.


Apparently these extensions among other situations presented in the logs also appear in other distributions like Fedora.

I am not a dev, but maybe you should add the user to saned. As root.

$ usermod -a -G lp saned

I guess Cups is installed. Otherwise that’s an option too to do. But i think cups is in the default setup of EOS.

Only if you check it off during installation. If not it needs to be added manually.


These aren’t EndeavourOS errors and as such are not “bugs” that can be fixed by the distro.