EndeavourOS Github page info updated

Originally published at: https://endeavouros.com/news/endeavouros-github-page-info-updated/

We want to thank everybody who expressed their support for our previous announcement, your support is what keeps us going.

We had some response to our request for extra help on the ISO department and in addition to this, Joe has updated our Github page with a text that makes more clear what we have done and what our future goals are. So if you’re interested in helping us, you can read up on the info to see if our project is meeting your knowledge and/or your personal challenge.

You might think that helping us, results in being a full team member with all the responsibilities that comes with it, that’s not the case. You’re welcome to help us on a casual base, so if you’ve read the Github page and want to contribute an idea or improvement, please do so. In that case, you can help us when it suits you.

At this moment we are researching the possibilities to release the net-installer as a beta-version (which was always the case, by the way) with the available manpower we have at this moment.

To give you a more insight view of our recent state:

Joe is tied up with his work until January, so, therefore, he has limited time to invest in the project, Fernando is also heading up for a busy schedule the following months.

Everyone in the team has their main task, it’s not a strict hierarchy, but we each take care of the distro with our personal strong points.

Fernando – ISO development (Foundation work) and Calamares implementation.

Joe – ISO development (post-check foundation) Calamares and DE theming.

Manuel -Developer implementations for EOS, cleaning up the installation scripts and general post-checks.

Bryan – Websites and server maintainer, community manager and general coordinator.

As you can see from our tasks, the department that’s under pressure at this moment is the ISO development. As a solution, I started a Python course (a paid one) this weekend to get more involved in helping Joe and Fernando. This will take some time before I actually can be hands-on in development.

As you can see, EndeavourOS is still very much alive and we’re not planning to give up. In fact, there are some things coming you’re way in the near future as a fully translated website in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish and Romanian with a link to their designated section of the forum.

You can visit the Github page over here.