EndeavourOS Forum App

I got a new Android phone, and I simply can’t remember how I got the Endeavour Forum App installed. I’ve searched for it on PlayStore to no avail, and “Google” gives no relevant results.

I still got my old phone, and if I hadn’t clearly seen it installed, I might have considered the app a dream. :slightly_smiling_face:

So good folks, where can I find it?

Discourse app.

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There’s nothing wrong with your sanity. :wink:

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Of course. That easy. Thanks!

No more wine for me, for a while. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :relaxed: :grin:

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EOS Logo on Forum App is weird !

This is how I see it

I think the reason is the resize from too big file you put in, that create this quality.
Tell me in which format you need it (png, jpg, svg) ? to get the good size to see it as below.


How is it now?

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Is the right one. Dankjewel. :wink:

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