EndeavourOS flavor Deepin 20.2

No. The deepin experience on Arch hasn’t been acceptable enough for us to include it on the ISO in quite some time.

You will have to install it manually post-install. You can choose to not install a DE at all and then install deepin if you don’t want to deal with removing a DE.


Thanks for the feedback @dalto

But wouldn’t it be the case that we have this DDE 20.2 or 20.5 available and updated to help in its evolution, pointing out corrections, solutions and improvements? Making things happen the EndeavourOS way?

In my humble opinion DDE in Arch is functional. Yes, it has bugs (some even silly), but everything runs very updated!

See an example here from Arch ArcoLinux DDE 20.2. I just ran in a VM on Gnome-boxes.

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No, DDE is developed specifically for DeepinOS, and they have very narrow development goals and target a fixed release point.

You might find it’s currently functional but buggy. Tomorrow you might find it’s buggy but not functional. This is why no Arch-based distro touches it any more.

Is this thread just a way of advertising ArcoLinux? :thinking:

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No way

I just cited an example of DDE in Arch, that’s all. It could have been Fedora 36 with Deepin 20.2 in unstable stage, but it’s still very raw.

Don’t take it that way, thanks!

It’s a shame that DeepinOS developers are very strict. Who knows, they may not broaden your horizons. Who knows!

I do, which is why I said what I said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If people want to test and provide feedback to the team that would be helpful.

However, we want the experience that people get from choosing one of the DEs we offer in the installer to be acceptable out of the box and Deepin doesn’t currently meet that criteria for us.

Which team? EndeavourOS or the Deepin developers? Unless things have changed recently, the Deepin developers won’t want feedback about running DDE on anything other than DeepinOS… :pensive:

Deepin, of course.


On the contrary, the DeepinOS control center team ( https://github.com/linuxdeepin/developer-center/issues/3138 ) and the developers do like us to provide feedback on DDE issues no matter what distribution it is on. . This is just an example!

I think they must have the pretension yes, that this DDE flavor will soon be in most Linux distributions and I really like it, because it’s tiring for years to see the same faces as always, gnome, xfce and kde. :rofl:

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OK, so things have changed recently.

It wasn’t that long ago they were uninterested in issues caused by running DDE on anything other than their DeepinOS release target.


You can easily install it manually post-install, so there is little point in adding it to the Calamares installer.

Here is how you do it:

The problem with adding it to the installer is the fact that sooner or later someone will blame EndeavourOS for Deepin being buggy and unusable.1 Most of the people who install EndeavourOS expect it to work, and that’s not an entirely unreasonable expectation, to be honest…

It’s just bad optics to include it. Deepin is for foo , adventurous advanced users, and they do not need a GUI installer to install it. Especially not on a terminal-centric distro :wink:

1 If you think that’s unrealistic and that I am overreacting, just keep in mind that there are people who think that a text editor crashing is a problem with EndeavourOS ISO, and it took dozens of posts to convince them that this was obviously not true. Imagine someone like that installing Deepin DE from the ISO… The unavoidable (yet still false) conclusion would be that EndeavourOS sucks.


I hope it’s for the better! I like it!
Perhaps they have seen that the Linux world encompasses much more than just the DeepinOS navel.

And for this and other reasons I would like the EndeavourOS Team to reactivate this project and walk together, if possible. We can have another very nice and tuned option in the Linux world. It’s up to you to decide!

When I started in the Linux world I started with Ubuntu and I lost count of how many times I reinstalled the Distro…rs. Finally, in recent times, I have EndeavorOS 22.1 and Fedora 36 with Gnome 42.1, both as main distros.

I don’t know much about the Linux world, but I recognize something beautiful when I see it and this DDE can become another tool of great use to everyone, both newbies and more experienced people in the Linux world.

You decide! :wink:

That’s from Arco linux and no it isn’t very functional. I’ve just tried it recently and it still has all the same issues. It’s not very good on Arch currently. I already decided a long time ago it doesn’t cut it.


Yes we have a term at arco Deppin is sick, very…


I tried it a couple months ago again. I like to keep up on all of them.

The applications button completely froze my computer when I clicked on it. Several of the icons didn’t work. I could get into terminal with shortcuts but without an application menu, it was a very very tough experience on EOS.

It would be nearly impossible to provide a functional DDE experience without major issues or trouble shooting, most of which we couldn’t actually help anyone with. It would be a nightmare for users and helpers alike.

As said by others already, Deepin is a beautiful desktop but on Arch it is just a pretty face that doesn’t have the stamina to roll along with a rolling distro that continuously is updating along the way.

Even though things might have changed on the development side of Deepin, it still is hard work working with devs who are depending on feedback, without running the system on Arch or any other rolling distro themselves.
It defeats the purpose of keeping it up-to-date and working if you are running behind the facts.
If you’re main focus is on Debian as a project (I’m not looking down on them, to be clear) then the gap between Arch or Opensuse is very big.



It’s a shame they don’t make the effort to make it work as a new Spin in other consolidated Distros.

Other developers also have the same opinion as you about Deepin on ArchLinux

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It’s not their goal at all, some time ago i was a huge Deepin fan (i liked the design of previous version), more you spend on it, more you realize the simple truth - as stated by one of core team members once stating his frustration:

This is NOT community based project

In China things are much more complicated, as you might imagine.

So even if you like something or want to report bugs or help - they will prioritize whatever their higherups demand, even if issue at hand is super-critical…Arch is definitely not their priority, as even on their core distro they got a lot of troubles and bugs :frowning:

But don’t feel frustrated you can make KDE beautiful enough, or even code your own beautiful de with AwesomeWM which will outperform and be much sleeker than Deepin.


So why not publish your own Arch + Deepin spin, and maintain it?

If your gaze is only skin-deep, you will miss out on many of life’s benefits and never see the real beauty to be found.


Feel free to install ArchLinux “SPIN” with latest DDE 20.2 and help with the project.

More details in the links below: