EndeavourOS first stable release has arrived!

Congrats! Going to give it a shot as soon as I get home.

BTW, to ease your server load, will you be proving a BitTorrent link?

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Congratulations on the release!
I came here to suggest the same thing: a torrent file would take some of the weight away from the server and provide people with a faster way to download i think.

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Later this week a torrent file will be available.

Congrats, can’t wait to install it. You guys are great :slight_smile:

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with great appreciation I will begin to download the first stable EndeavourOS ISO.
Installation will follow quickly. Fun!!

On second thought, perhaps I will wait for the demand to lighten. :upside_down_face:

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Why later? Torrent would save a lot of traffic for the server, especially in the beginning.

Please submit the sha256-checksum!

We’ve updated our Download page, now an alternative link is also offered (github) and a torrent link.


Downloading now from github… and I have a piece of bare metal ready and waiting.

have not discovered how to open the .sig checksum. help?

Thanks for providing a torrent link! Downloading now and will seed as much as I’m able.

I leeched the image from the slow Strato server, but of course I can also seed the file.

under manual partition, unable to set mount points to desired partitions. this bug also appeared in the 2.1 beta

garybean, github.com…at the bottom of the post.

We recommend to use Gparted to partition the disk before running Calamares. The problem is an upstream bug with Calamares at this moment.

by the way - github link error 404

Right, you wrote this. And that’s what everyone should read.

Wrong link? Take that!

meant no harm

We didn’t expect these downloadnumbers, thank you. The downloadpage has been updtaed with a Sourceforge link and the direct download link.

@axt after you brought my attention to gpg checksum directions, the replies to the two-step gpg directions seemed invalid in my terminal konsole. This was the first time in all my linux years I have encountered a gpg style checksum (or a “.sig” file).