EndeavourOS family is growing

Our team of volunteers has been growing and I like to introduce new persons to you:

Debdut Chakraborty - on the forum he’s known as Anotherusername but he is mainly active on Telegram as Debu Chokkotti

FLVAL - On the forum very active, translates the announcement in French and contributed a lot of artwork.


Juanprm - He’s our newest Spanish translator


Moses Narrow - Mainly active on Telegram, joined Discovery as a writer.

Community members Keith, VanQuijote and Xterminator left the project as volunteers to pursue other goals.

If you’d like to join us, please send me a pm.

You can see all the team members over here:


Welcome all of them! I was less present because of my personal life, but I’ll try to give a little more soon!

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You are doing a lot, I hope the move went alright?

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It could have been better. But it is 99% done now. Will try to help releasing long lasting net-installer :smiley:


I hope you will have a great home at Christmas.

We don’t know when we’re going to release that, so just relax. (We’re in the Public Announcement area, so keep an eye on that category :wink:)

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It is looking good for now, besides some graphical issues, and some naming ones. Well, I tested it a lot of times and it is getting better and better!


Welcome to all of You in the EOS team. :rocket:



Uncle Mez - Active on the forum and Telegram is going to contribute (and already has done) Artwork and contributing to Discovery.

Welcome new team members and thank you EOS Team for building, supporting, and growing a wonderful OS.

Welcome aboard all new members to EndeavorOS. Preparations are being made for the count down to the online launch. :rocket:

Huge thanks to all of the team members, new and old, for your generosity to this amazing distribution and its community. :+1:


Welcome all, thanks for contributing so much.

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Congratulations debu chakraborty! (অভিনন্দন! দেবু চক্কোত্তি! ) :heart_eyes:

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Are, dekhinito age! Dhonnobad dada