EndeavourOS does not boot anymore


I’m quite new in the world of Linux, I am using a dual boot and must be honost that I mostly run my Endeavouros instead of my Windows, but its not booting anymore. when I press ctrl alt del it does reboot but I just get this arrow in the top left corner of my screen.

I was installing and trying to configure Wayfire so it must be something about that. But I want to fix it and not just reinstall EndeavourOS, I hope the community can guide me in this failed configuration, how I can see what I’ve done wrong and how I can fix this.

Many thanks!

Welcome to the community! :smile:

It looks like a graphics driver issue, or related to it.

I’d suggest you check our wiki (near the upper right corner of this window) how to proceed with the tips below.

You could arch-chroot into the installed system.
Alternative to arch-chroot, if you can use TTY (press Ctrl-Alt-F3), you get a terminal where you can login and do the required commands.

Then try to remove wayfire (e.g. sudo pacman -Rsn wayfire) and see if you can boot.

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