EndeavourOS crashed, unable to boot, Live Install does not detect NVME SSD

My system crashed while I was using it (just basic web browsing) and after a forced restart I was always met with a black screen after logging in. I thought this might be an XFCE issue so I decided to login to i3 which worked but after 5 minutes I was met with a black screen again.

Another restart and I was met with a “Linux Kernel 425 Error Pointer out of Range”. My SSD isn’t showing up on a Live Install but on the BIOS it shows up and it even says its working. Can this be fixed or did my Drive just fail?

Is this on btrfs file system?

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could be grub again only … but as you say the disk is not showing up on the livesession at all…
It can be also CPU or RAM defective… but do not paint the devil at the wall…

First thing to do is backup, backup, backup and check the filesystem.

And indeed give some info about hardware and how the system is set up format / partitions e.t.c.

So welcome here and sorry to hear you have such an issue!

We are here to help if we can. :enos:



if you are on LiveSession (usb installer ISO) there is no trace of the drive with cli tools?

like lsblk -f or sudo fdisk -l and it ios not shown in gparted too?

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Yes no sign. But sometimes if I remove and reinsert the drive it starts showing again with all my files fine but then disappears after 5 minutes.


I think I might have a bad drive but its behaviour is really odd. It works just fine plugged in in an external case and I can even install linux on it. I was also able to back up all my stuff so clearly the disk isn’t entirely corrupt. But once I install everything and plug it back in it works for a while and then after 2-3 reboots again the drive disappears.

Looks like I’ll just have to order a new drive.