Endeavouros Community

Endeavouros Community is the best Linux Community so far


A big reason why I have stuck around


I find that there are basically three types of Linux communities/forums…

  • Not Very Active
  • Active, But Rude/Snobbish
  • Active, Inviting/Helpful/Fun

Sometimes Not Very Active isn’t always a bad thing. It may just take longer to get a question answered due to frequent inactivity or small forum membership base. These types of forums can also be either Rude/Snobbish or Inviting/Helpful/Fun. Example - I find the Solus forum to be not super active, but still inviting/helpful/fun.

I avoid Linux communities/forums that are Active, But Rude/Snobbish for obvious reasons. The undisputed King of these type forums is Arch, by the way. And in my experience, though not quite as bad, the Debian forums can be quite elitist/snobbish.

Now, Linux communities/forums that are Active, Inviting/Helpful/Fun are where I like to live. And the EndeavourOS Forums :enos: are a perfect example of that. I also think that the Linux Mint Forums and Ubuntu Forums share in that characteristic a bit.

As for the EndeavourOS Forums specifically, I love it here! I come here to offer help when I can and seek help when I need it. But those are far from the only reasons to come here. The Lounge section is always fun. Whether it’s looking at member’s artistic creations (wallpapers, splash screen, art), or posting what I’m listening to or watching, or just fun conversation. There’s always something to do here… something to learn… friends to be made.

So, YES. @zdislav is 100% correct…