EndeavourOS community, you are incredibly awesome!

Hi, from India!
I was sorta confused seeing all those words in the picture, which I didn’t understand. Then I read ‘piyar’, which would be ‘love’ in hindi language. And that was the ‘aha’ moment!
Hoping that EOS goes on to become very popular. Thanks for this cool distro :smile:


You guys set a really good example

I’ve see some forums with hostile devs and the community seems to follow suit


In my opinion, as I have stated repeatedly elsewhere on this forum, the members here make this the very best Linux forum I have ever experienced in over twelve years of using GNU/Linux distributions.

I have never received a “snarky” answer to any question I have ever asked here. I have received only genuinely helpful responses from people who genuinely want to help and for that I can only express my sincere gratitude.

I installed EndeavourOS on all of our computers (with only one exception) in August 2019 and neither my wife nor I have any plans to replace it or to even try any other distro.

THANK YOU to the developers and to the forum members (all of you).



Thanks for all the devs. I was little hesitant when I decided to install EndeavourOS this week, replacing my Manjaro install.

I have gotten few good tips in the Telegram group and now I am learning i3, which I thought I would never ever want to use. It’s still a rocky road ahead and lot of learning by making config mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:




Thank you devs! You planted the seed, to make us grow.

I didn’t find the Swedish word at first, but then I realised that “Alska” probably was the Swedish word “Älska” as in “Att älska” = “To love”. It should have been “Kärlek” = “Love”, but hey, I get the drift. :wink: :grin:


The Finnish word “Rakkaus” was exactly correct. :smile:


Yesterday I replaced a years-old functioning vanilla Arch + Plasma, with an online install of Endeavour + the same, and I compared it and the Calamares installer against the old Antergos online routine and found it much more effective. Other than a few installed SystemD presets, I found it a very good replacement for Antergos and a competent replacement for the “vanilla” Arch installs I’ve done in the past.

I’m getting on in age and was looking for a future something-something more OOTB than Arch, but not as hand-holding as Manjaro. I think I’ll keep this for a while. :wink:

Thank you to the Endeavour developers, maintainers, community members and all the behind-the-scenes minions for making it so. :smiley:

Best Regards


I think the reason why this forum does so well in treating each other with respect, is because we who are here, have all been on other OS forums where you are not felt welcomed at all. And I suspect that boils down to the ‘set atmosphere’ that was created either from the beginning or from some major incident(s) on the forums. And once that ‘poison’ gets into a forum, and begins to make its way through - it is very hard to get rid of entirely.

To all of you who set up this forum and/or OS - my unending gratitude is given to you. Yeah I’ve made a few blunders along the way on the forums here. But I’m willing to learn from my mistakes from everyone here. Because I know that the advise given will not be hostile nor will it belittle my character.

From a grateful Canadian user.


The Thai word for love: รัก

I’ve been very grateful to the patience of the users and the how engaged the devs are with supporting people asking what must seem like stupid questions to them.


That’s just because you Canadians are so damn nice. :smiley:

~ from your former Alaskan neighbor


:rofl: Yeah you nailed us! :+1:


It can be briefly and concisely described in two words: friendly and helpful.

Köszönöm. A Hungarian user.


There really are a couple of nice Canadian users here, as well as many other countries.


I just installed Endeavour coming from Manjaro. I just love something more close then Arch. I have installed Arch already a year ago, but I did not like go through the wiki everytime installing Arch, because I have multiple systems. With Endeavour I have something closer to arch.

Installed pamac with flatpak and snap (dont use snap, unless there is a package I just need and only is on snap) and everything works.


Welcome :hugs:


Hello nigelwarning! :grinning:

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How did you do that?

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A warm welcome to you nigelwarning. I truly hope you enjoy your experience here.

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