EndeavourOS as Server

I am build a small home server to user as Nextcloud / Transmission / Plex box at home.

I know about the already ready NAS OSes out there, like OpenMediaVault and TrueNas, but I was thinking of trying out a barebone EndeavourOS installation with an LTS kernel to start from scratch.

Does anyone have any experience on it? Would you (not) recommend it?

My setup will be :
CPU: i3 6100
Motherboard: Asus H110M-K
RAM: 16Gb DDR4
HDD OS: 256 Western Digital Blue (SSD)
HDDs Storage: 2x Western Digital Red 4Tb
PSU: Cougar 450W
Case: Aerocool Cylon Black

I have done so but I don’t recommend running any Arch-based distro as a server.

The constantly rolling library versions are a nightmare when trying to run server software consistently.


I haven’t used EndeavourOS(or Arch) as a server but it being a rolling release there is more chance that something will breaking during an update because of more frequent/rolling updates. That is why I usually use a RHEL clone as my server os, but Debian will do just as well. It depends on how much you care if something breaks every now and then and if you don’t mind spending the time to fix it or would rather use that time to do something else.


Just to echo the excellent advice aleady given, go with a static release distro like Debian stable. And if you want a gui, go with lxde to keep the weight light. Why set up a server with a rolling release distro? Just to spend time doing maintenance and trouble shoot? Pick something that’s “set and forget” for the most part. Also, you get a better security model with a static release distro. Bugs and vulnerabilities get fixed and system just keeps working.


I run a server using EndeavourOS, and I do it without problems, HOWEVER, I run very little software on it, so the opportunities for trouble are extremely rare! Basically all I do is present files to the enquiries incoming, acting as a mirror (EndeavourOS and Chaotic-AUR) so very little changes doing those tasks. I run the updates weekly, but only up to a date of the week PRIOR - so I have time if any known update problems arise for them to be fixed before I apply them.

For a more general case (plex etc) that you seem to be contemplating I would have to echo the advice you’ve already seen above - run something unchanging, or at least not changing at the pace of Arch-based updating!

Good luck.

Oh - and of course, the need for stability is entirely dependent on your appetite for tinkering and your dislike for things potentially not working on demand…