EndeavourOS-ArchISO no space left on device

i’m trying to build my own EndeavourOS using ArchISO. i’ve done it with vanilla arch millions of times but this one is giving me the error, “no space left on device” even though i have over 800 GB left on my hdd. it looks like it mounts a filesystem labeled ARCHISO_EFI to /dev/loop0. do I need to increase the size of that filesystem?

That’s weird…I haven’t encountered this problem while building iso :thinking:

That should be more than enough :sweat_smile:

@joekamprad any ideas?

Yea, i know right. if that’s not enough then I don’t need to do it :joy:

seems space is not set big enough for changes making the stuff copied there bigger in size:

So that chrooted filesystem is not big enough.
I see that also on last builds.

seems 68MB is enough …

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:thinking: where the bloat coming from?! :laughing:

kernel images growing it seems, may time to go for dracut :wink:

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that worked! thanks for your help

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