EndeavourOS- ARCH without RTFM!

Hi Community!
New user here. I have been using “ARCH” for a long time. I just replaced my SSD. And, I didn’t wanted to do “lsblk, sudo nano, mkdir” and other arch procedure all over again. I wanted a minimal distro. I have tried Manjaro in the past. Man, it is bloated as hell. Honestly, I hate their custom kernel. Not my cup of tea. And, I found EndeavourOS. It is so close to pure ARCH. Great installer. Everything went smoothly. Hats off to the dev team. I would love to see EndeavourOS jump in distrowatch ranking.
And, the best thing is community. You guys are so nice. I can’t find even a single "RTFM’ reply here. Looking forward to use the distro and help the community. :slight_smile:



hello, welcome …

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Welcome @joejohn. EndeavourOS is about as close as you can come to Arch without building it yourself.


Welcome to EndeavourOS @joejohn, great you found your way :rocket:

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Welcome @joejohn
We are all super nice and hope you like the journey. :wink:

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Because I use buttons. </kidding>
Read The Fine Manual.

rtfm-sgs :wink:



Hello joejohn! A warm welcome to you!

The reason why we don’t use RTFM replies - all of us have been there before. I would much rather tell you how to proceed with something, than just give the “usual” reply.

As for EndeavourOS ranking on Distrowatch: I fully agree with you! It’s nice to see the OS climb in ranking (IMHO); however that doesn’t concern me. What I’m interested in, is keeping the forums and community a welcoming atmosphere. I do get passionate on some subjects though; I just have to remember to make sure my brain is engaged before I put my opinion out there. And yes I’m as guilty as everyone else for violating that rule.


So would we love to see you jump aboard & join our community, too. Welcome! :+1:


Thank you all! :heart_eyes:


We all know Distrowatch rankings is a joke. There is NO way that Manjaro got more user than Ubuntu. But, Manajaro hold 2nd position in the rankings. They just count the page hits. However, just like SEO for websites, Distrowatch rankings does make a difference and make a distro popular. Honestly, I think EndeavourOS need to be within 10-15 (minimum) rankings to make an impact. Something like 5th or 6th rank will be awesome! :slight_smile:


And this sums up my point of view pretty well: https://xkcd.com/1053/ @joejohn, you’re one of today’s lucky 10 000!


Let’s go to the grocery store and get some diet coke and Mentos for him. :crazy_face:

Welcome to EndeavourOS and the forum @joejohn!


Welcome @joejohn !

EndeavourOS sails will take you to enjoy this community !!!



Its not a “joke”, but a little understanding. Those rankings are no more than people clicking on the distros page. Not even downloading the distro counts! Its sort of , kind of, IS, misleading. All if takes is for some member of a distro to uncourage its members to click-bate.

If you want a more accurate count visit Google Trends. That mxlinux barely got a blinp of reading.


Got to agree with this.

So often with the Linux community in general, not just Arch, people seem offended when asked questions that have already been asked before in some obscure part of the web.

The usual answer is ‘google it’ or like you say ‘RTFM’, but if you have quite a specific question, the best source for an answer is usually someone else who is more experienced in the topic. (Google does quite well at parsing natural language questions, but it ain’t perfect!)

There are various different methods of learning;

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetic

Different people find different methods more effective.

I think when people are asking specific questions about a topic (that may have already been answered before), they are likely to be kinesthetic learners.
They’ve tried some things and have come across something they don’t grasp, so they ask for some guidance from others.

Too often I find this is punished by people who learn in different ways and think everyone should do the same.

Anyway I’m waffling quite a lot now, but yeah, thanks all involved with Endeavour for cultivating a friendly and helpful community! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes indeed it is, it uses far more RAM than other distros, hell I even installed the OpenBox edition and it takes up around 600 MB of RAM. Like wow. And on top of that on an old Nvidia graphics card it glitches quite a lot and no other distro glitches up like that.

I am surprised they use a custom kernel. What changes do they do to the Linux kernel?

Same over here.

So far EndeavourOS has the best mods and people over here :slight_smile: