EndeavourOS apps info? Is this still a work in progress?

I was intrigued using this app and clicking on ‘Grub’ brought up a wealth of information. . . a lot of information for my brain to encompass, as I was going through it to see if a problem could be fixed with this new grub installation (414. . .from dalto’s post to now I guess 440?) 2.2.0 6. Anyways my grub issue is gone and was wondering if a lot of the buttons on this app still need to be worked on because some of them don’t really do anything when clicked on. A good app for starters but is it still a work in progress?

Rich :wink:

Thanks for trying it and reporting.
Unfortunately it sometimes is a moving target. I’ll look at it probably tomorrow and fix the things that don’t seem to work.

No need for apologies. . . . I was very impressed with the breakdown and explanation of grub. Very good. An excellent ‘technical’ read. A study within itself. Your app merits some applause. No insults intended. I didn’t realize people may still be working on this moving target. . maybe a version number would indicate this as time allows fixing issues. . .

Rich :wink:

Jusr released eos-apps-info version 1.6-1.
Fixed all problems that I found.
Please let me know if there are any problems left.

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Ran through most of the button selections already this morning. . . works well. . . no complaints here. Very nice work. . .

Rich :wink: