EndeavourOS, a poorly done Arch-based distro

Endeavour OS, as its name implies, is an arduous undertaking to simply achieve an erzast of Archlinux. So why do complicated when you can do simple?
Is Vanilla Arch more difficult to set up? No. Quite the opposite. Is Vanilla Arch more difficult to customize and fine-tune? No. So what’s left.
Contrary to what Fred B. insinuates, it’s not a 99% ARch, it’s a 99% poorly done ARch.
Well, that said, the intention is good…
And my opinion seems to be shared with this one: https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/endeavouros.html

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Welcome to the forum. So you joined 20 minutes ago to just post this? Care to further explain what you are talking about. It is more productive to cite examples so that perhaps as opposed to being a negative statement it can be used to further improve EndeavourOS. It does not sound like you have actually used EndeavourOS.


Me: :no_mouth:

EndeavourOS uses Arch mirrors and 99% of the packages are coming directly from there. So Arch is 99% poorly done Arch?

Oh wait, I said I won’t feed the trolls again. My bad, sorry for posting xD


Hey, who cares about some dodo and his opinions?


This is pretty much quintessential trolling, is it not? Doesn’t seem to be even a remote attempt at a conversation, just shit flinging.


(of a product) made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else.

OMG. Are you kidding me! 99% poorly done Arch? I don’t think so…matter of fact I know so … and so does everyone else who is using EndeavourOS and is part of this Community. Don’t bother coming here to spread hate! That’s not what we’re about! Unbelievable! :rofl:

Really? I can’t stop laughing!


I had to look it up:




Are we sure it’s not the original author trying to troll thru a sock puppet? After all, we already know that the author of that blog claims to have used Linux for over a decade yet literally have never use Xfce before?


Well I did give them an opportunity to respond. I see no productive purpose to allowing this thread to continue without the OP’s response.


This is called trolling. Please don’t take the bait. :sweat_smile: