Endeavour won't boot

After a few months since my last attempt, I downloaded a new ISO and tried again to install Endeavour OS. The installation went smoothly, I rebooted and did updates, so far so good.

Then I installed Zorin OS Lite 15 on another partition, to make it easier to reconfigure my Grub. Everything worked well. I rebooted and all seemed well.

The next time I attempted to boot to Endeavour (and every time since), I make the selection and get a black screen. No cursor, no nothing. I’ve tried adding nomodeset to the boot sequence, to no avail. All my other distros boot just fine.

I’m on a System76 Galago Pro 2 with an i5 processor, 16 Gb of RAM, a 1 Tb spinning metal drive and a 250 Gb M.2 SSD. I have 4 distros on the spinning disk, and 3 on the SSD, with Endeavour on the SSD. Boot sector and Swap sector are also on the SSD.

Any ideas? I’d hate to try reinstalling again. I am not feeling tied to this distro, so I may not have it on my system long while waiting for the response, but I’ll keep it on for at least a few more days.

And which ones have your backups stored on them?

Me too, that’s why I put backups :wink:

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Why do we need to install all these distro’s anyway? Then you need more backups. :rofl:





I suppose you could chroot into the live ISO and try reinstalling grub and then update. I’m not sure how you are installing each distro and handling the grub boot loader for each.

Considering I had just installed it, I did not get around to having backups yet. But if I did, I have an external SSD I use for those.

The way it tends to work is that the latest installation controls the Grub. So I try to use a distro which has Grub Customizer in the repo or can be added via a PPA. In this case, I was going to do two installations, so I did Endeavour first and then Zorin Lite.

EndeavourOS has grub customizer. You can install it with yay -S grub-customizer

That is the question, and those of us who distrohop should not be judged. I am co-host of the Distrohoppers’ Digest podcast. If you don’t want to do that, fine with me, but if I do, I don’t need to be asked this question.

Not sure what your getting at here unless it’s the joke about having to do more backups? If you look at the post it was directed @SGS

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Your comment I was responding to was, “Why do we need all these distros anyway?”

Sometimes the the microcode causes a problem when it loads during boot with multiple distro’s. Or it could be something else.

I run lots of distros, on this machine 7 at one time. The only time this has happened is with Endeavour. Also, you can look at another post I made as to what happens with me when I use Grub Customizer with Endeavour OS as the owner of Grub. It wasn’t pretty.

I keep hearing good things about this distro. I’m hoping I’m just finding bugs nobody else noticed because nobody else is me. And I haven’t been treated rudely, just not been given answers I could use.

I will try one more install and then, if nothing changes for the better, leave it alone for another 6 months.

To get a black screen often means a problem with graphics drivers.
Which graphics cards do you have in the machine? And which drivers?

As far as i know the System76 Galago Pro 2 comes only with the Intel onboard graphics. I think the i5 is HD 620.

OK, then I guess the booting has been messed up when installing Zorin.
As you suggested, booting with the EndeavourOS USB stick, arch-chrooting to the installed system, and fixing the boot should help.

I guess it depends on which i5 it has because it could also have the 630 chip or 640 Iris so @zaivala can maybe verify that?

Any chance you can give us the output of inxi -FGz