Endeavour Vehicle Starter Batteries

Got new tyres yesterday, and at the tyreshop they’re also selling Endeavour-themed batteries:


Did you get one? :laughing:

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Maybe it’s UPS for your computer.

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Naaw, me gotz a much betterer battery, one made in Europe! :wink:

No need for UPS. Hubby got an app on his smartphone and will be notified a couple minutes before it gets dark. Enough time to shut down my computer properly and switch on the lappy.

That’s quite an app! When lightning strikes around here, and takes out (for example) a transformer, the power just goes away… :grin:

Nothing happens. You know, living in an African shithole has its benefits as we have lightning abductors in every house, and residential power cables are mostly underground, like in Europe. But our state owned power utility often conducts loadshedding measures in various stages, and the app comes handy then.

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