Endeavour os wont get pass the login screen

I recently, ran the script https://github.com/LukasDoesDev/archrice.

But the os wont get past login screen.
Pls i need help in this issue and also I am new to linux and I wont repeat these unlogical steps in future.

Welcome to the purple :enos: side of Linux.

  • Can you tell us what’s exactly happening when you boot your computer?

  • What’s your login screen?

  • Is it lightDM, SDDM … etc?

  • What flavor of EndeavourOS you installed before you tried rice it?

  • What happens when you get to the login screen do you see a user interface asking for your login details or is it just a black screen with a blinking cursor?

  • If you see a user interface what happens after you enter your login details?

  • Is it a blank screen or does it come back to the same login screen?

Answering these would help the community to give you better help. Because what you have posted is not enough to get an idea of what’s happening.


I dont know much but the login screen is the default one and yeah when i click login with correct password a blank screen with blinking underscore appears, and soon after couple of seconds goes away and returns back to normal login screen.

Also the flavour was default light theme and no changes at all.

Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 (you can use up F6). You will be loaded into a terminal we call it TTY. Then log in using your user name and your password now you’re in a terminal session.

Run the below command (hope you have an internet connection hooked up to the computer).
inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog

Then post the link here it’ll give us a much better understanding of your system.

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Confucius say, big difference between rice and fried rice.



Here is the link https://clbin.com/iL1Zo

so, you compiled dwm ?

try to comment picom ?

you are following his wiki or only copy the dot files into your xfce4 installation of EndeavourOS?


look like user reinstall

Grub dosent detect reinstalled endeavour os

maybe close / merge .

User reinstalled and created a new topic.