Endeavour os installation

Hi all, This is a request to Endevour team developers to introduce a separate home partition to be included in live os as a checkbox so that new or advance user can have a choice to use it at erase option along the type of fs file system desired. This will also ensure that even erasing the full root partition and boot partition home partition created earlier should be kept untouched. It should not be destroyed… I would expect this from coming or future editions of endeavour os team





you have to use the custom partition option for that. the installer can’t magically know which partition you want to erase and which you want to keep and which you want to create in what size.


It’s already available choose: manual partitioning


as i do in my new installation. I magically have a seperate /home partation on a intern ssd


:rofl: not all request get accepted, imagine the mess

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I would expect that the OP would be donating $100 month for their custom order. :wink:


But can we have the boot partition on one drive and / on another ? Its maybe just me but Calamares don’t tell me if this is possible. :thinking:

I think his just too lazy to click a few times and type some values. We get users like this every time and at every location. Regardless of the system.

My opinion to have it as a option only a checkbox for having a separate home partition without going to custom partition for that.

For hdd?

We want to be in erase disk option itself OnLive ISO itself.

As i wrote. intern ssd

I just expect a separate home partition a checkbox an option to choose for the user to have a separate home partition or not user wish

Many still use old spinning hdd apart interm ssd s

this is no reason not to run /home on an internal or external hdd

A script can do wonders for that in that case boot and root should be sectorally placed without home partition touched. So that in future if any corrupt occurs boot /root can be formatted if required. Timeshift is there To restore

Individual wish​:relaxed:

Doesn’t sound like a wish to me. :roll_eyes:

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it’s possible

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