Endeavour os Cassini shutdown

I am finding my Dell laptop 3500 vostro running endeavour os Cassini shutdown problem taking more than a minute to shutdown. Any one can help suggest what can I do to fix the problem. I am not using system. d grub2 I am not sure. I am newbie in Linux community using it for 2 years. I felt earlier versions of endeavour os easier.

Did you install brltty?

Unless you need it, you should remove it.

sudo pacman -R brltty
sudo dracut-rebuild

Then reboot. You won’t see the benefit until the subsequent reboot.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion ya No. I am not aware of that. I Installed cinnamon desktop today and laptop literally took 2 minutes to shutdown

You can check if you have it with:

pacman -Q brltty

I shod remove brltty right

Yes, run the commands in the second post. Then reboot.

When you reboot again after that it should be fixed.

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Thanks endevour team too brltty how it is pronnuced. I should read the forum the arch way

It is a braille TTY. It isn’t something most people need.

You must have selected “accessibility tools” in the installer.

No man my mistake I may have blindly checked it without cross verifying. Anyway I will try it and give the feedback r share with endeavour team thanks man. for the patience and prompt reply. Cheers

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Accessibility option

i am still facing brltty issue on shutdown . anyone help pls laptop takes 2 mins to shut down

Did you run sudo dracut-rebuild and reboot twice after uninstalling the package?

If so, can we see the full output from sudo dracut-rebuild

ii am unable to unnstall brltty from pacman command as suggested by you

Then please share the full output from the command?

i am receiving dependencies error while issusing sudo pacman -R brltty command on terminal

Yeah, we can’t help you unless we see the exact output so we can understand the cause of the dependency issue.

attachment of screenshot cant be attached here i dont know

Don’t attach a screenshot.

Just copy and paste the text in a code block.

You shouldn’t post screenshots of text outputs.

anyway thanks i will find altternate ways . thanks for the help. i will reformat my endevour os to atermis edition or atlantis one

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ror: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing brltty breaks dependency ‘brltty’ required by orca