Endeavour os Cassini online installer

Cheers all,
I am unable to install endevour Cassini edition online installer thru wifi I do have a strong wifi but I don’t have Lan. Cable. What should I do. Yeah offline is what I am satisfied. Suggestions aqaited

I’m not sure what you are saying? Is your WiFi not working on the live ISO? You can install with online if your WiFi is working.

Hi I depend on home wifi not on Lan cable my internet for wifi is OK but I don’t have Lan cable for online endeavour os installation. Wifi it is very slow. Any way to fix this online installer to be fast. I updated arch Linux keyring before setup process but takes long time to install hangs at endeavouros mirrors and install packages for a long time pls advice

Sir wifi is working but the pulling of packages especially endeavouros mirror hangs takes a long time to download and install packages screen takes quite a bit of time. Try online installer sir u will find through wifi

Would be useful to have a log about the problem, like

cat /home/liveuser/endeavour-install.log | eos-sendlog

on the install session, then write the result URL here.

Somehow I have a feeling this issue is a geographical issue. If you visit our main website and scroll down to our mirror partners, just try a (Endeavour) mirror near you.
I do recommend to rank either Alpix, Moson, Freedif or Yuru on top if you are located in South-east Asia. Those are the mirrors with the fastest connection.

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