Endeavour os boot hdd not appearing in bios

I recently downloaded endeavour os on an hdd i booted on it few times then after a driver update restart it didnt appear also i had a download error while downloading a game from steam

What do you mean “not appearing in bios” as topic says?

So you cannot boot to EOS anymore or?

What driver update you did, i assume it was a Windows update? Those can mess up your bootloader (overwrite it).

Please be more specific about your problem and the question so we can possibly help.

i cant not boot into it anymore because its not appearing in the boot menu also it was a graphics driver

Welcome! Help us, help you! Please give this a read and get us some information so we can hopefully get your experience up to par. With what you’ve given us so far, there’s very close to a 0% chance we can help you in any way.

And this:

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i cant boot into eos so i think i cant provide that info

can’t boot so idk how will i do this

With a live installer environment, e.g. the EndeavourOS installer image.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely we will be unable to help you if you followed the steps provided by @jonathon and myself and weren’t able to give us anything further to go off of. I would suggest reinstalling.

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I think you mean you recently installed EndeavourOS not downloaded. Are you able to boot and go into the Bios menu and set the boot order.

ok thx i would reinstall it