Endeavour on Linux Unplugged

I was wondering when they will discuss EOS on the linux unplugged show. Just saw they did today, still need to listen to the full show… !

I recall linux action show, good times…


And since we are on an Arch based distro, for entertainment purpose:

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A New Endeavour | LINUX Unplugged 382 - YouTube about 38 minutes in…
A very positive review, such that they are considering using it in studio.


Oh wow, that is a flattering review! It’s great to hear a follow-up review, Linux Unplugged was one of the first podcasts that mentioned us when we were still busy creating everything and they were also one of the first who jumped on our first release.



:pray: for post. That very interesting + very kind and truthful about endeavours. Really enjoyed listening.


yeah. And they even shouted out for you to get you on the show! :grinning:


I heard it indeed and I am seriously considering to send them a message.


It was a good review, and honest I thought. They figured out the distro’s market I think fairly well. I use it and Arch interchangeably. I love both distros. While I travel I keep an Endeavor usb ready if there’s some reason to need an install. If I want to show someone Linux, it’s what I use now.

There’s no more accepting or helpful community out there. I think because we tend to have advanced beginners or intermediate users we tend to get better and less redundant intro to Linux questions

I guess I went a little off topic on this one. But as I said in the other thread. I’m seriously grateful to be accepted as a part of such a great community. Or, at the very least, y’all pretend enough hahaha.

It would be cool to be the distro of choice for a Linux podcast though.

@Bryanpwo it felt like they “unofficially invited” you into the show. I would definitely message them.


Yesterday, December 8th, I was supposed to be on the show but there were some technical issues with my microphone. So, unfortunately this attempt was a fail. Perhaps I will be on in the future with a proper mic.

@joekamprad @manuel @FLVAL @Pudge


That would be great! You can convince Chris Fischer to convert to EOS, he already did the arch challenge in the past.

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55555 he prob read that anyway :wink: :rofl:

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