Endeavour logo etc not square

Just a tip / headsup? The logo file* is not square, leading it to be misshaped when used as say a “face” icon or a start button. Might be a good idea to just toss in a quickly edited one with square proportions.

*The sail without the text below

Then do it, if that’s what you need! That’s not difficult. Gimp ist your friend.

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Oh I know. Already did it.

example would be nice :slight_smile: cannot picture it …

It’s on the way to be done, but I’m actually on something else. We know the logo needs some adjustments if you zoom on it, points are not linked correctly but for now, It’s working well, just details to readjust. I will do and ask to @Nath to validate it before to update the Thread about Logos…in 2020…

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