Endeavour boots to black screen, unable to open terminal

Hi! I recently tried to install windows (the installation failed) and grub went into rescue mode so i attempted to fix it by reinstalling grub (attempted other methods though they didnt work) through the use of an endeavour live usb (didnt work so i installed arch to fix it).Although now i can boot arch and endeavour shows as an option it just boots to a black screen and ctrl+alt+F2 doesnt do anything. Another thing i noticed is that i am able to mount the partition with an endeavour live usb but it is greyed out in arch and clicking doesnt do anything (im using thunar).

To me this is difficult to follow and a lot if things could be messed up.

First of, if you want dual boot with windows, install windows first then create and empty partition, then install linux.

Secondly, post information on the partitioning scheme of your drive to get a better idea what could be broken at this stage. Not sure why you expect that installing arch should fix your eos install, they are both arch, but eos easier to install.

When you installed Arch, you likely missed some package along the way that the Endeavour devs didn’t. It’s a perk of using something not properly Arch.

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This is a better way to do this. Or when you install Windows you can also only use as much disc space as you want for Windows and leave the rest unpartitioned for Linux. This is my preferred method but either works.

Installing Windows after will destroy your grub boot loader and you should have been able to boot off the live ISO and arch-chroot to reinstall grub and update it to have grub take over as the boot loader for Windows and EOS. Installing Arch just added another layer to the issue.

As @Zircon34 has said we need information. (logs)

You could remove the partitions that have Arch and Eos installed using gparted on the live ISO and reinstall EOS.

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(/dev/sda2 is arch, /sda9 is endeavour)

I meant to say i installed arch so i could temporarily use it until eos got fixed though i also fixed grub by reinstalling through creating a new efi partition since i had issues getting out of rescue mode and doing yay -S grub didnt solve it nor did other methods i found online. as for arch being more difficult to installed i used a gui script (https://sourceforge.net/projects/arch-linux-gui/) which lets you choose a de/wm to install. Thanks for putting up with my stupidity

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Grub is great when it works until you mess it up or it gets messed up on it’s own. Both can and does happen. No worries…you got this! Welcome to EndeavourOS!

Thanks! I’ll attempt what you said by reinstalling endeavour but is there any way I can add a list of packages to install along with the base system

Yes…you can use the user_pkglist in the live session. Use the terminal with sudo xed and open it on the live session add each package line by line and then save. They cannot be AUR packages. Only ones that are in pacman db. AUR packages you’d have to install after with yay.

Edit: The file is in the live session in /home

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