Endaevour os installation update installer question

So while installing endaevour os in the live media, shall I select update installer before proceeding to install or not updating the installer is fine.
Also if I do update the installer before installing endaevouros, will it cause any issues?

I have installed on a few different systems I have updated the installer before installing and I have also not updated before installing. Both ways worked flawless.

it is not updating the Installer only the welcome app, what is holding some tools and is starting the installerin offline or online mode, so it could make a difference to update the welcome app but it is not needed per default.

I have always updated the mirrors from the welcome app before running the installer. Don’t know if that is needed either but I have done it anyways.


It is usually a good idea for a net install as it may make things go more quickly.


Thanks for the reply! It’s good to know!
Hitherto I have only done net installs. Since I moved to EnOS, I also moved away from Xfce. Now I feel I kind of miss it. Perhaps I will be installing it on another partition. I’ll see.

Like @joekamprad already said, clicking the Update this app! button is normally not required. But shouldn’t hurt either. It only updates the Welcome app, not the actual Calamares installer.

If you have problems installing, it is advisable to ask here for more instructions.

On the other hard, the Update Mirrors button most probably is useful before starting an online install.

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