Emoji reply in addition to heart

Is it an easy fix flip a switch to turn on emojis as a reply in the Discourse settings? Sometimes I want to give a thumbs up, laughing face, beer, cake, etc. to a post without having to make a written reply to say those things in words. The heart is ok, but more choices would be better.


Something like this…

…instead of posting just to do this: :+1:

Am I misunderstanding the question, but there are already emoji present. :grinning::beers::scream_cat:

Wait I think I know what you mean.


Is this what you mean? Then it’s fixed.

The forum needs this button to add an emoji.

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Is this from an existing discourse forum?


Yep. Keith has it right.

Better shot with Dark Reader turned off.

Okay, I’m looking for that setting and/or plugin now. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’ll look into it tomorrow, I have to go to a dinnerparty.


Enjoy your dinner party.

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@Bryanpwo it may be the “retort” plugin.

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My mama always told me, If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

That pretty much describes what we have now. Do we really want to give access to a pile of poo emoji, red angry face emoji, etc?

I looked at the GitHub link from @CMarch. It lists as options:
retort enabled
retort limited emoji set
retort allowed emojis

I assume “retort allowed emojis” would be a white list type of thing. I would vote for the white list.



Please, no censorship unless experience proves a necessity.

Thank you for looking with me, I am going to impllement it later this day, I just have to notify the community that the forum will be offline for some time, then I will also implement other changes.

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