Emergency mode

This is the second time in a week that my system boots to emergency mode, is this an indication that my Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB from more than 6 years ago is about to fail ?

Errā€¦I suppose that depends why it is booting to emergency mode.

What are the errors you are getting?

Basically fail to mount partitions

We are probably going to need more specifics than thatā€¦

Hm, is there a location in which these logs are stored?

It depends where in the boot process it is failing. Check the journal first.

Note that you can use the eos-log-tool to send logs for us too. :sweat_smile:


hm, fail to mount swap this timeā€¦
last time it was /homeā€¦


I suppose the problem starts at nov 20 18:33:51

Indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately Iā€™ll have to leave for a few hours, be back later

Sorry for the delay, a family member broke the leg and I have been helpingā€¦

Its a strange issue since a reboot seems to fix it, until a few days later the problem happens again but with other mountsā€¦

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Hi, thanks everyone for the help, you can close this thread.

I bought a Teamgroup GX1 480GB :slightly_smiling_face: Very good priceā€¦