Eloon Musk is at it again

The world’s least photogenic man:


I guess this is why the nitter instances stopped working.



They’ll figure it out, it will take some time.

So far some fork managed to get parser to work with search / posts, profiles to come…

Nitter update:

If this doesn’t get reversed within the next couple of weeks I’ll switch to using embeds as an emergency measure, but for now I’m just going to wait it out.

I appreciate the support everyone, it’s amazing to see how many people use my little pet project. Nitter isn’t going down without a fight.

(c) zedeus

As far as i understand - it’s Twatter limit is not caused by Elon Musk, but by some objectively extreme AI based attacks with scrapers, a bit like API DDOS…Surely it will take a lot of coding hours to resolve that mess of a legacy codebase.

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As long as companies offer free with a catch, there will be folks finding a work around.


Whatever it is. If data is sold cheap for targeting advertising. They’ll keep making up things like this. Devs and hackers will keep avoiding them.