ElementaryOS Livestream @2PM EST Today

Greetings lovely community,

I follow a bunch of different open source communities, distros, and developers that I’m interested in and I enjoy seeing how various projects progress and tackle various issues in the open source world. With that said, for those who are curious like myself to see how other projects are doing, one of the elementaryOS devs is doing a livestream later today at 2PM EST (starts in about an hour an a half from this post). If you like or are curious about the happenings of the elementaryOS team, feel free to stop by and check out the livesteam :slight_smile:


It seems like I have to try elementary on the pinebook pro, he’s constantly commenting on how performant it is :slight_smile:

@Shjim, did you know elementary OS runs (rather well, it seems) on the pbp?

:pray: wrong place

@lxnauta … yes! no for me +no good as Arch/Endeavouros .

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Greetings again lovely community,

Looks like the Elementary OS devs are at it again! There’s going to be another stream today titled " GTK4 Porting and OS 7 with Danielle Foré" today at 2PM EST (starts in about 3 hours from this posting). I follow various other Linux projects and while I don’t use Elementary OS personally, I like to see what they are up to and all the latest developements. If you’re curious too, feel free to check it out today.


I used elementary for a while, I really like a lot of what they do & how much they’re into supporting gnome upstream


Another livestream, just went…live!

" Livestream with Cassidy James Blaede – December 23, 2021"

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It’s an interesting distro. They want to pay people, and it’s a cartoon like Mac distro. It’s very set with very minimal customisation. I’ve tried it a few times. It’s obviously popular, but I guess it’s like Twitter - I just don’t get it.