I’ve installed:

Now how to add Amazon Prime Videos and play in electronplayer? from my Amazon account.
Do I have to capture url’s - couldn’t locate any instructions in web search.
Before I try Voodoo Magic …
I prefer watching videos in native player than have web browser track me.
DRM is bad enough!


Electron is also a browser… if you got widevine in chromium enabled you can save Amazon as a native player as example in menu

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Okay this player works perfect for Amazon Prime videos.
I experimented and inserted a Amazon Prime video url in electronplayer - which allowed me to login with username/password.
After that videos play fine.
very nice not having to use web browser.

Thumbs up ElectronPlayer :movie_camera:


You kind of do :smile:

ElectronPlayer has Simple Analytics built in. Not saying that it’s horrible, just fyi.


I think the moment you associated your email with that account you have already associated all your web behavior with your amazon Prime account.
There are tracking cookies which do exactly this. Follow you across domains and make connections between your accounts based on uniquely identifying elements, like your email address associated with your account (especially if it’s a google one).

It doesn’t matter which browser you browse in, except if it’s one that blocks those cookies, but running Amazon in another browser does not help because you are logged in.

The kind of separation you are trying to accomplish is only possible without being logged in.

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This application has analytics built in which is used to help the developers make a better product. Simple Analytics https://simpleanalytics.com/ was chosen due to their strong views on keeping users private. They are also GDPR, CCPA, & PECR compliant. The data collected by the app can be viewed by anyone. https://simpleanalytics.com/electronplayer.otbeaumont.me

Still this is way better than having your web browser crash and have high memory consumption in my opinion.
It’s all about personal preference and options

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