Efibootmgr default entry

today I noticed that when I create a new entry with efibootmgr (efibootmgr -c) it points to /File(\EFI\ARCH\GRUB.EFI)
Yet my original entry that was created during installation points to /File(\EFI\ENDEAVOUROS-2399\GRUBX64.EFI).
Of course the first entry cannot boot my system because I do not have arch folder under efi.

Is this correct behaviour? Some random website states that it should create the same entry in which was the system booted in this instance.

Also does the number 2399 mean anything (fresh iso install)?

This is not the way to create a UEFI working entry. You need to provide more details to the command (with parameters) to do the job. Archwiki has perfect info on this.

Famous great words… Tell those random sites to RTFM (they know what this means :wink: ).

It’s a new feature of the installer.
Until recently, the (really weird) behavior on grub installation was to use the same name for every GRUB $ESP/UEFI entry name, assuming there was no other Linux system (using grub) installed, leading to users’ headaches.
The new name uses an additional random number to make it unique and solve this problem.

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