Edited config now nothing works

I don’t know what i did i was removing the colors that were defined for i3 and i3blocks because im going to add my own theme and now rofi doesn’t launch i can’t get a terminal and for awhile restarting i3 didn’t work although now i can do that.

is there a way i can fix this or am i screwed? i was trying to get into the console but all that did was lock up the system.


and go moving the non working config:
mv ~/.config/i3/config ~/.config/i3/config.bak
copy fallback in:
cp /etc/skel/.config/i3/config ~/.config/i3/config

Then install timeshift and make a snapshot before making changes. Saved me several times.

or at a minimum cerate backups of the config files from i3 before editing…


Rename any file you are editing to that file name of your choosing to that file name.bak that is your backup. Only edit the original file. I think i3 EOS still has xed installed so use that or nano up to you. If some thing breaks just delete the original file you edited and rename that file name of your choosing.bak to that file name of your choosing and delete the .bak reboot and you are back to basics. Play with one file at a time. Remember it’s all supposed to be fun :hugs:


good advice. i ended up reinstalling i3-eos. i’m horrible with backups too lazy. i’ve lost more pics/vids/docs then i care to think about.