Eco disaster at Kamchatka peninsula

My reaction was that the accusation came back to Russia and China. And based solely on the materials of the engaged mass media.
Are you saying that the governments of other countries, and your country in particular, are completely sinless and do not allow such a situation? Or are they free from corruption?
Therefore, I do not judge others, it is better to deal with my internal problems.
And the consequences of any catastrophic situations should be solved by joint efforts and without pointing fingers at others.

P.S. Listen to what they say in the world about my country, you look out the window and you are surprised… So how do we live here? And we live quite normally…

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I am so sad when I read/see this sort of thing happening to this beautiful little blue planet Earth ,

Either directly or indirectly we all must feel a sense of responsibility to our own extinction ,

Not one government or political mob no no -All of us all of the humans . all of us !

and take comfort in ( cant remember who ) words
“Every living thing is doomed to extinction eventually along the timeline”
Its just so sad to see this in our lifetime
scary for who is next species um ?

I so damn sad …

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In this I completely agree with you.
And do not think that the Russians are deprived of compassion and worry about the nature of their country. I can’t influence it all globally, but I can make small steps that I can.


Well that’s not really what i’ve said / meant if you read quote accurately:

Thx corrupt insane governments of places like Russia, China and all the other unaccountable ones.

Why i mentioned specifically Russia and China?

  • Because both countries have made most impact on catastrophic ecological events lately, including this year, multiple times - and nothing have changed, that’s why they came to mind first, not because of any bias.

Why haven’t you seen the main parts of that statement, which is everything else except names of two countries?

  • I don’t know, probably because you feel like whole World is against you, for whatever reason, when somebody mention name of a country you live in, but that’s not the case at least not by me that’s for sure. And especially when such catastrophe happens.

That is not true, i personally know people who saw all those dead sea creatures with their own eyes and also had chemical burns on their eyes and skin, from contact with water.

It’s not baseless at all and there is much more information coming out now, problem is that government officials will obviously lie (they actually already tried, but that’s little too late), like they have always done before and multiple time this year. So what, nothing gonna change again? We just gonna keep killing everything with poisonous chemicals?

And it doesn’t matter really, regardless of what you or i personally believe in - it’s not that hard to make your own research and make up mind, especially since you know language.

Absolutely not, that’s exactly what i have written in both OP and my 2nd post. ANY country / bad actor should be held accountable for that. USA, India, Pakistan, North Korea - i don’t care who, if such genocide happens on whatever territory.

Well it’s time to act then and demand changes from ecological watch / government, ain’t it?

I mean, how many more times should it happen and bad actors be it corporations or military (that seems to be the case here) or even government itself in specifically Russia would have below zero consequences and accountability for such things?
What prevents this from happening again in that region?

Like you’ve truthfully said - in terms of sovereignty (which i personally fully respect btw) - it’s internal problems, which MUST BE SOLVED. But they simply don’t and there’s nothing anyone could possibly do from outside, even if they’d want to.

If you speak in general terms - i fully agree.
But listen to what they say about Iran or USA? Is it really much better?
Just stop listening to mass media and reality will come much more clear.

Most of countries obviously live relatively normal, and main problem is that people listen to mass media, which is basically propaganda in all countries this days which does nothing except burning hate.

However that doesn’t change some facts and truth, which you still can see with your own eyes or research on your own.

But if you speak here about that one case specifically: 95% dead sea lifefroms - doesn’t look normal at all.
And i believe there is a very special place in hell for people who made such thing happen.

In principle, you say as if the right things.
However, I haven’t seen a single news item that says “Countries have joined forces to address the disaster”. But I always see the headlines “There was a catastrophe in Russia”.
The notions of hell and paradise are far from me. But I am sure that regardless of the position and thickness of the purse, everyone should be responsible for their actions.


Like i said - just don’t listen to mass media propaganda.
Who cares what one government says about another government for their own purposes?

Certainly not me, and you shouldn’t too :wink:
We live not for them and shouldn’t really fall for those divide & conquer tactics which media is used for.

Glad that we’re on a same page here - it is the main point. :+1:

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Expressing political opinions is very powerful in sparking uncivilized discussions.
—> please keep it civilized on political statements!


I do not listen to them :slight_smile: It’s just that Google regularly appears…

I don’t think there can be any other way for a person of sound mind.


Thank you
If keep it healthy and polite is a skill
Endeavouros is just that 100%
and we also care .
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I am glad that I was not mistaken in the fact that EndeavourOS forum is a place of communication of adequate people. I wrote about it quite recently in a review on a Russian site dedicated to computer security