Easy way to set all the application's language to Spanish

I just installed Endeavour (KDE Plasma) and i installed everything without issues. But even though I set the language to be in Spanish in the installer, most of my apps are displayed in English (especially ones I installed, for example LibreOffice or Blender are in English).

I know that some distros offer a gui tool to set languages (like Ubuntu or Manjaro), is there a way to do that on Endeavour/Arch?

System Settings->Personalization->Regional Settings->Language

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Thanks, It worked!
But for some reason certain programs don’t follow the setting, looks like a KDE bug.

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Which programs and what is the output of these commands:

env | grep -i lang

For LibreOffice you need to install the Spanish language pack
sudo pacman -S libreoffice-fresh-es

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It’s not KDE bug. System settings on regional settings affect the LC_* env vars, which is the way Linux-based OS handles internationalization i18n. It’s up to a program whether or not they want to support internationalization i18n. DE surely supports i18n, but only some applications support i18n.