Easy access to the program after installation

I apologize for my beginner’s question.
I searched a lot but could not solve my problem.
I installed Android Studio
When I want to run it, I have to enter the folder “android/bin” and run “studio .sh”,
but I want to access it easily through the start menu.
or access through the terminal by writing the name of the software
What has he done to me?

Make a shortcut (as applicable in the DE of your choice), reference the absolute path name and run it.
IE /usr/local/bin/android.bin/studio.sh.
Simple as that.
Alternatively, you can make an alias for it.

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you could install it in a more or less official way (from the AUR) which would create an entry during installation:
yay -S android-studio

It will then also get updated when you update your system.

If you never used the AUR before, take a look here:

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#BS86 probably shows the best solution

If you still have a need:
the easiest way for such cases is probably to create a menu entry.
For this there are tools that make it easy.
Please note your desktop engine e.g. GTK or QT.
With many window managers such as IceWM, Fluxbox etc. can be added corresponding entries in the appropriate Config.
Please read this page and decide for yourself.

If you still have questions, name your desktop e.g. Gnome, KDE or XFCE etc…

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