Dwarf Fortress - Fontconfig Warning

Hello! I’ve just downloaded the newest version of the LNP with DF from the link below. I was able to make it work easily on Manjaro, but now that I’m running it on EnOS, the game doesn’t launch and I’m getting a warning:

Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.avail/05-reset-dirs-sample.conf”, line 6: unknown element “reset-dirs”

I’m not sure what this means exactly or how to go about fixing it. Any guidance would be most appreciated!



Warnings are only warnings, and highly unlikely to be related to the issue.

Is there any other terminal output when you try running the executable?


Why is fontconfig trying to load settings from under conf.avail? Has this file changed? Check pacman -Qkk fontconfig

By just downloading the zip at the link, checking the sum, unpacking it, and running the command:
sh startlnp
These are the same steps I performed on EnOS

After running the start script, all I get is this:

Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.avail/05-reset-dirs-sample.conf", line 6: unknown e
lement "reset-dirs"
INFO: Read installed graphics (Phoebus) from log
nohup: ignoring input and appending output to 'nohup.out'

Using pacman -Qkk fontconfig returns:
fontconfig: 118 total files, 0 altered files

Look at the content of this file to see the other output.

The most likely reason is you’re missing some libraries, and unless there’s a README that says what the requirements are, or the terminal output tells you, you’ll have to dig through the program to find that (e.g. using ldd $binaryexecutablename).

I figured it out. I needed to install two libraries
lib32-sdl_image and lib32-sdl_ttf to get this working.

The nohup.out was kinda misleading. Even after I found the file, there appeared to be nothing in it. I wound up trying to run DF explicitly instead of going through the LNP, got errors about missing libraries, then tried to install the libraries I was missing.

Thanks for your help & patience!