Duel Install - Grub WAY to many options

So as shown in pic, I have too many options. I have 1 SSD for Windows, One Hybrid drive for Endeavor and a 3rd HD for backups of both OS’s. Inititally, at the boot menu, I just had two options for Endeavor (#1 and #2) and the two options for Windows 10 (#7 and #8). Then something along the way (not sure what) gave me two more Endeavor options (#3 and #4). After trying to rub Grub-Repair from the boot, it gave me the message that it wanted to install an outdated version of Grub, then wanted me to run "sudo chroot “/mnt/boot-sav/sda1"pacman-R grub*-common” which told me that “grub*-common” did not exist.

Moving on to canceling and rebooting and now I have the smorgasbord of fun that is the options you see today. I am able to log into both OS using #1 and #7.

Grub Menu

Any advice?

How about generating a new grub.cfg and see if it will tidy up your boot menu?

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Reboot and check.

Thank you but this did not work.

Using the Grub Customizer I was at least able to see that the other options are .bak files, os-prober files and os-prober .bak files. If I’m understanding correctly, because I’m using a separate hard drive for backups on both OS’s its created all of those for backup options. Not sure that its necessarily a bad thing. Just annoying.

Screenshot of Grub Customizer output.

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