Duel boot with btrfs

I am trying to duel boot windows 11 and EOS with the btrfs as the file system for endeavor. It is my first time using a arch based distro and also my first time trying to use btrfs. I disabled both fast both the fast and safe boot from the bios. The initial problem I had was my EFI partition being to small but I fixed that and changed it to a bit more than what the requirement asked it is 330 Mb. When I partitioned the disked I mounted the EFI to /boot/EFI and set up a 16 Gb swap (I know that is a bit big) and then set up the root btrfs partition after going though the rest of the installer and attempting to install I keep running into errors that are unclear how to fix them here is a link to the picture of the error code https://imgur.com/bsvea2F. Additionally after reading some other post Dual Boot Windows + EOS Installation failed error - #6 by Shikari I tried the same process but with a new and bigger EFI partition (separated from the windows one this time) that had 570Mb and that gave me a different error https://imgur.com/iGRD5XW. I am don’t understand what I should try to do different any recommendations?


Please paste the install log to the web and post the URL on the forum.